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Real-life testing user survey for Model-Based Testing ( MBT ).

I was looking for the output from this 2019 user survey. Because I like model-based testing, I follow closely every time one of these surveys comes out. (you can find old links in the PDF document).

As they do with every survey, Anne Kramer from and Bruno Legeard from Smartesting did a great job, and this survey was a joint initiative by the French and German Testing Boards.

I’m posting it here because I really think that this kind of survey offers insight into the changes that are taking place in the model-based testing space.

The most significant trend concerns the number of hours required to become a proficient MBT user. The median moved from two weeks (80 hours) in 2014 to three weeks in 2019 (120 hours), thus approaching the average value of 155 hours.

Anne Kramer Article :

If you are looking for input because you want to try MBT, you should definitely read it!

To download and see the document go to the CFTL website :

I hope that you will enjoy all the great information.

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